As well as my other artwork I work in the Mid-Devon EX17 area in garden design, reclaimation and maintenance.

I am a professional horticulturalist.

I have completed RHS level 2 Diploma in Horticulture
(plant theory, garden design theory and practical training)

I am currently studying for the RHS Level 3 certificate in horticulture (theory courses), and will upgrade it to diploma soon.

I have also trained in restorative and formative apple pruning with Orchards Live.

I am a full member of the Professional Gardeners Guild and hold professional public liability insurance as a gardener.


Over grown shrubs reined in, gardens retrieved from neglect, new life breathed into green spaces.

My favorite part of gardening is using my gardening skills and experience to clear out the deadwood, damaage and overgrowth; sort out the rubbing branches and disease; the overcrowding and leggy stems;
stripping out smothering invaders, and giving breathing space from the competition to struggling shrubs.

Then when all that is done to use my artists eye
to sensitively bring the neglected shrub back into a pleasing shape, all the while bearing in mind how it will grow into itself again.

Otherwise, whilst working through regular maintenance I will be connecting with the space, dreaming up new combinations, finding areas which can be revived and made special with the right attention.

If you are interested in having me clip, snip and nip your shrubberies into shape or doodle, dream and design you a new perennial border, or anything else horticulturally creative please do get in touch.
Although I am quite busy I can usually fit something local in.

email garden at jocoffey dot UK

You can also reach me through my facebook page
Druidic Gardening




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