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My Links

If you like what you see and want to support me you can either buy stuff, commission me to make things for you.

If you want to support me without using any money you could like my facebook page


Links to Inspirational Fellow artists, crafters and creators

Su Scotting and the Hive Collective are lovely local artists. I particularly adore Su's watercolour critters.

Karen Thomas is another one offering beautiful watercolours (and gicle) of creatures.

Kelly Martinez makes beautiful hand crafted one of a kind jewellery and delicate sculptures
She also has a wonderful line in Creative & Rogue Taxidermy!

Marc Potts is an artist illustrator of fantasy creatures and scenes

Amorel Hamilton makes the wonderfully characterful and spirited little characters - The Faybles

Lisa makes lovely freeform knitting items and runs The Knitting Tent at festivals and fayres.

These are just a few of the artists whos work I admire and enjoy.


Links to projects I have involvement with or a special interest in

Domestic II up in Manchester sounds to be shaping up well

Links to some of my other activities

Catspaw Authentic Entertainment historic or unusual entertainments including...

The Travelling Talesman - my partner the storyteller

Blue Feather Inspiration Life Coaching - helping artist unblock and many many other helpful things

please contact me on the email address on the contact page if you believe your web site deserves a link here


I usually work with reused or found fabrics.

If you have unwanted fabric you would like to donate (from lacy curtains to corduroy chair throws) I may well be able to make good use of it.

It does not matter if a piece is damaged or stained in places as I will either incorporate or work around the damage.

I may be able to collect around mid-devon or arrange collection by a friend elsewhere.


*red brown jumbo cord
* light-medium weight black, charcoal or dark brown fabrics
* white cotton(/poly) (torn sheets?) for cutting into strips
* small floral prints
*ivory/cream lacy fabrics
* candlewick bedspreads
* night dresses (especially cotton/old fashioned)
* brocade curtains (old fashioned quite heavy fabric) especially bright colours, but muted or natural colours also welcome.

Jo Coffey