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From 2010 to 2016 textiles and reflectivity dominated my work,
but since 2017 I have been working mostly with my Coffey Cats

I am still taking textiles commisions and sewing work though so I leave this here for now...

Jo Coffey is an creative artist based in the rural south west, in the middle of Mid-Devon.

She works in textiles but sees art as an open discipline.

Jo believes sculpture, performance, poetry, prose, cartoons, photography or fine art,
in fact any form of creativity, may all have value to add, and their place within her textiles art.

Driven by a love of the natural world and a fascination with the workings of the human mind
her projects are varied and the common element they have is that they are seldom as
straightforward as they may seem.


This website includes some of her work, gives a little background, provides a virtual presence, and is a tool for exploring further into new fields. It also provides basic practicalities such as biography, contact details and a route for enquiring about commissions or purchases.

"About the artist" pages present an artists statement, biography, notes on current projects and CV/selected credits list.

The Gallery contains both images of Jo's work and images she finds inspirational and some of her textural photography.

The shop
has details of pieces which are currently available for purchase along with the facilities to make online purchases.

The links are to events or installations Jo is in some way involved in or which she has found particularly inspirational. They may include other artists web sites and resources of use to artists.

The contact details offer an email address for general enquiries or comments (please no sales pitches or spam) and a form to be completed for commissions or purchase enquiries.

Navigation bars are at the top and bottom of the page and the boxes to the left have a list of materials I am looking to get for current projects.

Click on my name at the top to return to the selection of my creative activities.

I also take art/sewing commissions

Please do not use any images without express permission. Significantly higher fees are chargable for any use of this kind compared to asking permission and paying any requested fee. Using a piece without permission confirms acceptance of, and a willingness to pay these fees and any penalties. This applies to everyone, corporation to individual. Ask first!


I usually work with reused or found fabrics.

If you have unwanted fabric you would like to donate (from lacy curtains to corduroy chair throws) I may well be able to make good use of it.

It does not matter if a piece is damaged or stained in places as I will either incorporate or work around the damage.

I may be able to collect around mid-devon or arrange collection by a friend elsewhere.


*red brown jumbo cord
* light-medium weight black, charcoal or dark brown fabrics
* white cotton(/poly) (torn sheets?) for cutting into strips
* small floral prints - any and all colours
*ivory/cream lacy fabrics
* candlewick bedspreads
* night dresses (especially cotton/old fashioned)
* brocade curtains (old fashioned quite heavy fabric with shiny bits)

Jo Coffey