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Please see warning at bottom of page if you wish to use any of these images for any purpose.
These Galleries contain:

Images of Jo's current art work/projects

Some work in progress, some reference material and some recently completed pieces and projects.


Inspirational Images and reference material.

Both my own environment and things I see which spark ideas and other peoples art.



Jo's textural photography.

All my life I've loved taking photos of different textures. I use them as wallpaper on my computer and as starting points for some art. If you would like to purchase a collection of these images on a CD personal use please contact me and it can be arranged. I do not sell downloads because of the VAT implications.
f you wish to use any of these images for any commercial purposes please contact me.




Past work samples
Craft work and sewing , drawing, painting and crochet commissions




Please do not use any images from this site, images of my work, or my textural photography, without my express and specific written permission. Higher fees are chargable for any use not expressly permitted in writing. These will be significantly higher fees than compared to asking permission and paying any standard fee. Your use of a piece without permission, even if you claim it was by accident or in error, confirms your acceptance of, and a willingness to pay these higher rates and any additional penalties applied. We will pursue corporate theft in the courts and claim our costs back in addition to the fees. You have been warned. Do not steal my work.


I usually work with reused or found fabrics.

If you have unwanted fabric you would like to donate (from lacy curtains to corduroy chair throws) I may well be able to make good use of it.

It does not matter if a piece is damaged or stained in places as I will either incorporate or work around the damage.

I may be able to collect around mid-devon or arrange collection by a friend elsewhere.


*red brown jumbo cord
* light-medium weight black, charcoal or dark brown fabrics
* white cotton(/poly) (torn sheets?) for cutting into strips
* small floral prints
*ivory/cream lacy fabrics
* candlewick bedspreads
* night dresses (especially cotton/old fashioned)
* brocade curtains (old fashioned quite heavy fabric) especially bright colours, but muted or natural colours also welcome.

Jo Coffey