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Please email to one of the following
art at jocoffey dot uk
sew at jocoffey dot uk
garden at jocoffey dot uk

there is no .co in there, just myname all as one word and .UK
at is an @ but written in this format is just to minimise the amount of spam I get.

If you are mailing about a commission or a donation please see notes below.


General donations of reasonable quantities of clean fabric are very welcome. Clean means it's hygenic to handle, and if I happen leave it in a box for a month I won't start to notice a nasty smell or discover its gone mouldy in the mean time. Even slightly sweaty clothes can get very manky if left so please ensure it's clean and dry when you give it to me. Or at least warn me in advance if it's not going to be.

I don't mind stains and marks if dried and washed are ok, and normal wear is fine, they add character to the fabric. Just like rips and tears I can either incorporate them and work them into a piece, or work around them. Sometimes worn or damaged fabric is even better for a certain projects than pristine, especially older historic garments with many years of careful wear. The care shows. It gives character and body to a garment.

Currently I am specifically looking for the list of fabrics/garments which are in the box to the left of this screen titled "Currently seeking" - thank you for considering donating.

Notes for Textiles Art/Creative commissions
I take commissions which for an item you want to have eg: "I would like a wall hanging for my bedroom" or "I would like an unusual shrug/wrap which is also wearable art" Special Commissions can also be based around an item you provide me with eg: You send me a collection of grown out of baby t-shirts and I create a garment or item from them. The more you can tell me about what your feelings are about the item(s) , the more I can create an appropriate piece. I can make specifics from supplied items Eg: "I'd like grannys old bedspread made into two cushions to use on our bed"

BUT what I really want is to know your relationship with the fabric, or item, what is in your head and heart -is it the feel of it, the expansiveness of the garment or the tiny detail of the print, is it an association from childhood or a recent memory. Are there particular times you would find yourself remembering what it connects you to.
If you can give me some of that to work with then it can really help me make something you will love and which does the original justice.

As all art is subjective I will ask you to sign something saying that you will not retract payment or give unduly unfair criticism publically if you are not happy with an item being to your taste. I will keep you updated on my ideas and progress and I truly do my very best to create something that is right for you.

You are paying me for my time and creativity. My aim is that you will love it, but I cannot afford to work for weeks for you with the best intentions and prioritise your work, and then not be paid. In most cases to avoid this I will ask for a significant payment up front, and possibly installments as it progresses.

I would also warn you that art takes time and sometimes we get better results for letting things brew longer, so if you have any deadlines for an item please make sure they are very clearly outlined in our first communications, prior to my accepting the project.

I look forward to receiving your commissions and creating things of beauty, happiness or memories for you. `

Seamstress Commissions
I also take on alternations and makings for people locally. I charge an hourly rate. I have made viking costume, soft furnishings, altered wedding dresses, mended teddy bears, made waistcoats etc Feel free to ask!

Always ask for a quote if cost is an issue.


I usually work with reused or found fabrics.

If you have unwanted fabric you would like to donate (from lacy curtains to corduroy chair throws) I may well be able to make good use of it.

It does not matter if a piece is damaged or stained in places as I will either incorporate or work around the damage.

I may be able to collect around mid-devon or arrange collection by a friend elsewhere.


*red brown jumbo cord
* light-medium weight black, charcoal or dark brown fabrics
* white cotton(/poly) (torn sheets?) for cutting into strips
* small floral prints
*ivory/cream lacy fabrics
* candlewick bedspreads
* night dresses (especially cotton/old fashioned)

Jo Coffey