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Artists Statement


I am a Textiles artist from rural Devon.  

My pieces often reflect concerns for healthy mental processing and awareness of how everyday, commonplace, and normal many of the mental health variations people face are.  

This is juxtaposed with and complimented by observations of the natural world, a love of the delicacy and power, the beauty, richness and patterns found in the nature.

I often combine the two as I believe many of our challenges can be resolved by connecting deeply to ourselves and to nature, and that challenges usually come with their own gifts which we can claim if we engage with them.

Whether it be the wide wild landscapes of the moors or the bejewelled microcosmos in a beetles carapace, or comfortingly close devon banks - connecting with the natural world soothes and heals us all. It brings the peace in which we can refind ourselves and learn who we are in a new way. Occassionally I am so full of love for it I just want to observe and reflect elements of that beauty.

I work primarily with found materials and thoughts, at times with those elements some people would avoid admitting even to themselves. 

I believe in weaving different elements of art and life into pieces, working with my art as I have with my life,
and consequently I believe poetry or performance can also have a key place as part of a textiles piece.


I usually work with reused or found fabrics.

If you have unwanted fabric you would like to donate (from lacy curtains to corduroy chair throws) I may well be able to make good use of it.

It does not matter if a piece is damaged or stained in places as I will either incorporate or work around the damage.

I may be able to collect around mid-devon or arrange collection by a friend elsewhere.


*red brown jumbo cord
* light-medium weight black, charcoal or dark brown fabrics
* white cotton(/poly) (torn sheets?) for cutting into strips
* small floral prints
*ivory/cream lacy fabrics
* candlewick bedspreads
* night dresses (especially cotton/old fashioned)
* brocade curtains (old fashioned quite heavy fabric) especially bright colours, but muted or natural colours also welcome.

Jo Coffey